Hi! My name is Kristin Marine. I live in the greater Los Angeles area. I am an illustrator with a focus on kids stories and comics. I work alongside a pug-creature that demands daily snuggles and offers critiques of my work unsolicited. 
I have an MFA in painting and through the years have made use of my creative skills in professional settings, through work as a professor, graphic designer, and product illustrator at brands like Patagonia. I am currently a member of SCBWI as well as Kids Comics Unite.
I love to design/illustrate book covers and create cosy creatures as well as the occasional grumpy ones who pop up in my garden. When not illustrating, I enjoy making needle-felted botanicals and beings (who have found many homes across the US). I have also had a few painting and drawings that have landed in fantastic galleries! If you have an idea and my art feels like a fit, I hope you reach out. Feel free to use the contact form below or email me directly at kmarinelife@gmail.com.  
Thank you!
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