The Raven – dissected. part 3: the good.

Acrylic and Oil paint on wood. 48"x48".

Title: The Raven
Dimensions: 48”x48″
Media: acrylic and oil on wood.

This is the third and final installment about the raven painting from the series: The Good, The Bad, and the Mythological Muse. Part one explored the Myth of the Raven, Part two explored the struggles of creating a large painting, and now I’ve reached the conclusion. For me a painting could be worked and reworked till the end of my time, but this would leave little satisfaction. With this particular painting, I had a goal to finish it within a year, and I completed it by my deadline.

In my introduction to the raven, I wrote about my first experience with these birds while visiting the Grand Canyon. In this piece, I’ve tried to capture the experience of the splintery wooden picnic table over which the Raven’s talons rasped, and the feathers that seemed the very absence of light, yet carried the sheen of the blue sky though which the bird flew. My palette is comprised of various colors taken from the Southern Utah landscape, broken into an abstracted pattern throughout the background. The use of color in this way allows me to connect a location with the moment. I also find it to be meditative pulling color from my photographs of a landscape, and rearranging them to create an individual theme for each painting.

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