The Stomach Bug (Calidus dolor)

The Stomach Bug (Calidus Dolor)

The Stomach Bug (Calidus dolor)

The Stomach Bug is literally just that. Well, actually, it is more of a strange creature of sorts that we are studying closely this week, so perhaps less “bug-like” and more akin to a cute little menace to the digestive system. This specimen is not the cause of “flu-like” symptoms, which is often a term used when one catches the stomach flu, it seems to latch on and stay living in an organism for much longer periods of time. The Latin name is Calidus dolor, which translates into hot-pain. We believe this most accurate name is derived from the searing pain felt through-out the gastrointestinal tract.

Ironically the body of this specimen resembles a fried pepper. The tail extends from one end of the trunk-like body and concludes into a round punching glove shape. This tail whips sporadically back and forth punching and pounding sections of the intestinal wall, which we believe to be the main cause of the serious symptom of finding blood in ones stool. The skin is semi-transparent, much like a glass frog, and it has tendrils that gather around the base of the tail for securing itself to the intestinal lining.

If you are suspicious that one of these buck-toothed wiggly specimens is residing within your gut, we recommend you calmly see a doctor.

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