This is Equilibrius

Specimen Equilibrium

Specimen Equilibrius

This is Equilibrius. One exists in every living creature on this planet. They are normally quite harmless, but can cause a stir when disturbed. Equilibrius is micromicroscopic, which means it’s invisible to most microscopes, but we at the Zoöptic labs have learned through research that it typically floats somewhere between the two lobes of the brain.
When Equilibrius feels frustrated or unhappy with its atmosphere, it starts to spin around, causing the following symptoms: extreme vertigo, accompanied by nausea and a fear that this feeling won’t end and you will be forever stumbling around miserable and puking. Should your Equilibrius grow agitated, don’t panic… because freaking out never helps.

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  1. Kathy Marine says:

    I have a ton of these creatures in my head…explains a lot!! LOL

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