Frizzle Dippy Bird (Trichloromonofluoromethane novaehollandiae)

Frizzle dippy bird

Frizzle dippy bird

Meet the frizzle dippy bird, with its impressive latin name that no one here at Zoöptic can pronounce: Trichloromonofluoromethane novaehollandiae. The frizzle dippy was an emu-sized bird that roamed the forests of what is now eastern China around 350 million years ago—then several dinosaurs ate them all. Based on our research, we believe this creature was well practiced in the art of fishing.

This spectacular specimen had a highly sophisticated means of hunting fish. Its eyes were 10x as sensitive to movement as ours. The wide eye sockets with extremely well developed sense organs act like satellite dishes scanning the waters for flashes of its silvery prey. Once detected, no amount of watery camouflage could protect the fish from its fate with the fast-striking frizzle dippy, with elongated beak.

With such acute vision, this particularly fashionable bird could easily sit for hours at its perch alongside a stream and monitor the water for movement. We believe its spindly knobby legs and frizzled feathered crest helped the bird to blend into its jungly environment.

Astonishingly, a toy based on this unique bird was created in the early 1900s and went on to great popular fame. The toy was also said to have fascinated one of our favorite minds, Albert Einstein, who couldn’t fully grasp its “insatiable” appetite.

Closer look at the Frizzle dippy bird.

Closer look at the frizzle dippy bird.

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