Plug bug (Chorda coleoptera)

Plug Bug

Plug bug (Chorda coleoptera)

Here at Zoöptic we lose things all the time. It can’t be helped, with all the creative cutting-edge research being conducted in the lab. Recently, there was an incident that led to our newest, rather beautiful discovery. It all began with a missing iPhone charger, followed by tentacle pointing and blame.

Zoöptic researchers were in an uproar about the missing plug. Debate ensued for 72 hours and 12 minutes. At exactly 3:12 am, in mid-argument, a beetle-like creature comprised of various tubing and wires scuttled across the lab table in-between two sleepy Zoöptic researchers. Luckily, a third researcher was walking at this moment and scooped up the new specimen for study/interrogation.

Indeed, it was the culprit behind the missing charger. Apparently these “plug bugs” are scattered throughout homes in North America. They prefer dark, enclosed spaces such as drawers and boxes. Similar to the decorator crab, plug bugs love to find cords, plugs, adapters, and more, which they carefully attach to their bodies as a form of camouflage. We welcome the plug bug to Zoöptic Labs—at least now we know where all our cords are!

Well kinda…where did that bug wander off to?

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