The Nose Tingler (Nasus concutio)

The Nose Tingler (Nasus concutio)

The Nose Tingler (Nasus concutio)

This is the Nose Tingler. For centuries humans and animals alike have blamed that insufferable pre-sneeze tingle on pollen or the even more vague term “allergies.” In actuality, Nasus concutio is the cause of that feeling, and there are hundreds of thousands of the diminutive organisms floating around on the wind, just waiting to get sucked in by an unsuspecting nostril.

As you can see, the structure of this devious creature can quite easily be tangled in human nasal hair. If you’re really unlucky, Nasus concutio might elect to burrow in with those needle-like legs, causing uncontrollable sneezing, teary eyes, and general facial itchiness for several hours.

It is not responsible however, for runny noses, and is agitated at the insinuation.

Nasus concutio is immune to just about everything remedy science has concocted, including tissues, nasal inhalers, and neti pots. It only leaves its host when it’s bored and ready to move on. Luckily, the typical specimen has a very short attention span…which is why it can move from one host to the next so quickly, seemingly afflicting multiple hosts at the same time.

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