Infitialis Acerbus: approach with caution.

Infitialis Acerbus

Infitialis Acerbus

This week’s creature may or may not be involved with various flair-ups of negativity in the atmosphere. It has gone undetected for centuries, mainly due to its ability to pull other sentient beings into its web of darkness. The Infitialis Acerbus squeaks barely audible obscenities and complaints until it eventually implodes on itself, ending the increased activity of negative poisonous particles surrounding it. This creature is rare to see with the naked eye (or even with glasses for that matter). Be warned it is unstable and volatile; approach with extreme caution and remember to remain calm and remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible if it spots you.

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  1. Kathy Marine says:

    I love your critters!!! Biased Momma

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