Fish Fish (Haud Crustacea)

Fish Fish (Haud Crustacea)

Fish Fish (Haud Crustacea)

This is an image of the Fish Fish. These days we know it as “Imitation Crab”, which is an extremely offensive term to the Fish Fish.

The true origin of this derogatory name “Imitation Crab” is still a mystery. As the story goes, it’s common knowledge, the Fish Fish has a knack for gambling, thanks to its natural “poker face”—two protruding nubs on the upper part of its cranium that just so happen to resemble a crab’s eyes and two uncannily claw-like fore-fins. Unfortunately, stakes get high in the heat of a good poker game, and lives can be lost. The underwater mafia circuit has their fin’s into just about everything. (How do you think we get all the seafood we eat?!)

Rumors began to float around about where the bodies of these gambling addicted Fish Fish go. Some say they’ve been washing up in Super Market-sushi bars around North America. Police have had a hard time tracking the death toll due to a conspiracy to hide the victims’ true identity under the name “Imitation Crab”. Younger Fish Fish have been warned of the dangers of gambling, but the temptation is strong. Fascinating specimens.

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