Olter editoerus

Olter editoerus

Olter editoerus

This species has eluded zoologists, biologists, cryptologists, linguists, historians and everyone else on the planet because it is the keeper of words. The myth of the elusive Olter editoerus has continued to survive through word of mouth. You may be witness to the only written document regarding this sole extant member of the genus Olter.

No one really cared much about Olter editoerus until some wealthy, bored, untalented Roman of the 5th century decided to hunt them—shortly thereafter they became quite popular to hunt. Coats were crafted of their skin, which contained protrusions that oozed black when broken.

Storytellers speak of how Olter editoerus can control and change words to manipulate human populations. There have been compelling comparisons made to a drop in this species’ numbers and the historic period known as the Dark Ages. It’s even said they use humans as experiments through guiding or directing history and news documents in general.

Do they have control over all the words in the world? Did I even write this?

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