Access Fund Web Campaign

Final Access Fund Web Campaign

Final Access Fund Web Campaign

Access Fund contacted me about creating a web, email and social media campaign for them. The project was to convey celebrating the Holidays with an offer for a discounted membership with Access Fund. I find these types of campaigns to be super fun to design, and creating one for Access Fund was an amazing experience. I have been working freelance with Access Fund for over a year now, which has helped me develop a greater understanding of their visual presence. I always begin my projects with a refresher or research on the company (or in this case the non-profit’s) style. From there I begin looking at color options based off of any branding they may have. One of my favorite websites to go to work with color palettes is Adobe Kuler.

Kuler colors

Kuler colors – used for the holiday design

I find that web, email or social media campaigns are in this “open” designers realm, where there is more play with colors, textures, concepts, and imagery. These campaigns are meant to grab your attention at a glance. Another reason why I love this type of designing is that there aren’t any plans for printing, which means it can be shared and seen by any one who crosses paths with the design through social media. That can end up being a vast amount of people within a day.

After re-familiarizing myself with Access Fund’s style and branding, I grabbed an old fashioned sketch book and pencil and drew out a few quick thumbnails for possible compositions. There are many steps regarding colors, textures, type faces, and layouts. After creating thumbnail sketches I began creating shapes in Illustrator. For this project I worked in both Illustrator and Photoshop. Below is one example of a variation from the compositional steps that led the way to the final approved version by the Access Fund team. Above all it was my mission as a designer to convey what they asked me to communicate through the design.

Rough Draft Option Access Fund Web Campaign

Rough Draft Option-Access Fund Web Campaign

The campaign was so successful that they contacted me to quickly create a follow up design that thanked the new and renewed member’s for their contributions. For this design I used similar elements to tie the two designs together, such as textures, fonts, and colors. The most difficult aspect of composing the design was figuring out a way to place all the contributing members names into the background. The most impactful composition ended up being simple lists, in columns across the background. The names were placed in alphabetical order, and this style of listing names unified everyone for a single purpose. The project was a blast and the campaign helped Access Fund expand their members.

Access Fund Thank You

Access Fund-Thank You design


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