about zöoptic

Hi! My name is Kristin. I am the creator of Zoöptic. Zoöptic is my design company, and for this site, it is my menagerie of creations mixed with any outside inspirations that my eyes captured along the way. Although I spent most of my life studying fine arts, I’ve spent the last couple of years focused primarily on graphic design. Above all, I’m just a very visually oriented human being.

About Me Since high school, I’ve attended visual arts schools. I have a BFA and an MFA. I have always loved to draw and paint, but lately I’ve been glued to my computer–digital is my new medium of choice. Like a traditional Bohemian type of gal, I fought against this transition for quite some time, until I realized it was the perfect way to continue sharing what I wanted to share visually. I’m not much of a talker, more of a listener (unless you happen to catch me during my coffee time–where, I’ve been told, I can get a little chatty). I tend to talk through my visual creations.

Most people believe that it’s difficult to make a living as an artist. Well, I’ve been there, and they weren’t kidding. The years I spent in art school I would never take back, but I do not want to eat jello for dinner ever again, I was literally a starving artist. It has taken some time, lots of free lancing and a post-MFA internship or two, but I now work as an in-house graphic designer and can support myself. (A year into the job and there is still much rejoicing by my loving and worried parents.) I still experience a minor panic attack whenever I log in to my bank account, but I’m quickly relieved when I see that, in fact, I can pay my bills and still have enough left over for that mind blowingly delicious herbed goat cheese and a box of wheat crackers from Whole Foods.

To sum up my path on this crazy planet, I quote my favorite author Douglas Adams: “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.”

This is the first of many blog posts I plan to write about design, art, and visual communications in general. Enjoy!

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